Mar. 11th, 2010

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I dearly wish that I was gone from here. Or going. Whichever; the act of moving is the point, anyway. Away..

The point is that spring break starts (officially) for me in little less than three hours. However, I will not be going anywhere interesting. Instead I will be staying in the same place, working on my thesis and other miscellaneous things.

I think that I shall endeavor to make the break nice; maybe try to take in some culture, maybe listen to a lot of music. And sleep. My plan is to sleep a lot.

Maybe I need something to do other than school work. Some other sort of project. I'll think on it.
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I read the Sherlock Holmes mysteries when I was in middle school. Besides precipitating a rocky relationship with a math teacher named Moriarty (no, seriously) the stories, at the time, didn't stick in my head. Or so I thought.

A recent predisposition for steam punk and victoriana, not to mention my extreme joy at the new movie, leads me to believe that the stories may have had a greater impact than I previously knew.

Instead of Austen, I appear to have Doyle. Anyone reading this who knows much about me would probably say that this explains MUCH.


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