Jan. 28th, 2010

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The first post to a new blog is always awkward, like the introduction at any gathering of strangers, full of the need to repress judgment. Though, really, who are we kidding? The anonymity of the internet ensures that, for the most part, there are no repercussions for making asses of ourselves. Probably this is why many blogs quickly devolve into over share. I will try my best to avoid this in this blog.

So, here are a few things that a reader might want to know about me. I am an archaeologist, a grad student, literate, inclined to pedantry and introspection, often un-social, enamored of this thing called steam punk, and anything antique. If it has superfluous vowels I will probably like it.

Today my horoscope in the student paper informed me that I know exactly why I am not getting any work done, and that every one else should just accept this state of affairs. It was the most interesting part of the paper, which, given the state of the world, is a sad statement about the general quality of the paper.

I like nice smelling things far more than an archaeologist is allowed to, I think. So I may mention soap on occasion. I have almost no will power against hats and other dapper and elegant things. I suspect I would be better adapted to a Victorian environment. I like black and white photography more than other visual media, and am a closet audiophile. My tastes in music run to the specific, such that I can't like a genre so much as one, possibly two, composers, or even just songs, from a genre.

I buy more books than I can read, but am eternally optimistic that I will have the time sometime. Recently I've been reading Mieville, McKillip, and Pratchett.

I drink too much tea and coffee, and expensively. I like Lapsang Souchong tea best, and dark roasted coffee.

Off to TA class now. To be continued.


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