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This has been a frustrating spring. My thesis is going more slowly than it ought; I'm looking at a summer or, worse, fall defense (depending on people's schedules). My advisor is...not as responsive as I would want about the issue.

I had thought that the upcoming conference would be a nice vacation, but I've just discovered that a couple of my classmates are presenting not one, but two papers on a group project that we all did for our lithics lab last year. I contributed half of the data for the project, and not only is my name not on the papers, but I didn't know they were doing it until this last wednesday. So, now I have to go kick up a fuss about it, because, really, that's not on AT ALL.

The thing is that half the things in my life are awesome-my living situation, my friends, etc-while the other half are not-school, mainly.

Despite that fact that I have some great friends, the fact remains that I'm just not happy here-but am often stressed and cynical and all of those states endemic to graduate school. I wish there was more to keep me here-if I had an advisor that cared much, or some new research goals, or an SO-but the fact remains that probably the best thing is to GTFO.


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