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[personal profile] archaesophilia not a morning person. I require caffeine, a shower, and a couple of hours before I wake up and become human in the morning. The downside to this is that I work in a field where early mornings are relatively common. I've taken to just warning people to expect monosyllabic responses to any query before ten in the morning. My family has (finally) learned not to CALL me before ten in the morning-I don't tend to remember anything said over the phone before this time.

However. There needs to be some way that I can also communicate with them whether or not I have actually had my morning caffeine by this time, as I don't always get up until shortly before ten. (Given my druthers I would NEVER have to get up before nine or ten.)

So, when I got up yesterday at about nine thirty, and my dad calls me at just ten, I hadn't had my morning cuppa yet. And he wanted to talk to me about THINGS. Plans, moving, stressful things! Things that no one should have to consider before higher brain functions kick in.

The problem is that my mood, once it is fixed in the morning, tends to be the same all day. So, I started off the day irritated and a bit grumpy, and continued throughout the day irritated and a bit grumpy. The problem is that I know that there is no reason for my bad mood beyond the morning incident, but there isn't really much I can do about it.

What I need is a magical tea making dealie that will make me a cup of tea in the morning so that there is one waiting for me whenever I wake up.


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