The Odds

Sep. 7th, 2010 02:44 pm
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So, this semester I decided not to take any courses in my major (Shock! and something of a relief-I was burning out). Instead, I am writing my thesis, defending, and taking the "Preparation for College Teaching" course, which is really a crash course in how universities work. I think. Thus far we've covered how to be a TA, Power Point, etc.

Today's class covered the job process, how to find/apply for an academic job, what to do once you get one, the tenure process, etc. Which all served basically to say that the life is good, but the odds are bad. Particularly for women, the statistics are appalling; fewer women are full professors, they are paid less, and much less likely to have a family when they do. It makes it hard to not be just a little bit depressed about the whole idea.

The selling point for an academic career is that you have a better quality of life. But how much of that is really true? I see so many bitter people, as many as there are happy ones, it seems, in academic roles. And despite all that we still have to fight tooth and claw for that quality; when does it become not worth the effort?


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