Mar. 24th, 2010

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Recently, my nice, quiet, apartment complex has gotten oddly noisy.

It seems that some undergrad 'dudes' have moved into the second floor, and I blame them for the appearance of a bunch of broken glass on the sidewalk this last weekend.

Also, my neighbor may be insane. Last night they started pounding on the walls at two a.m. Which is ridiculous. If it continues, I will have to complain, which I hate doing. I'd rather be doing my own work. They've done this before. Also, they like to yodel at odd hours, which I've previously regarded as kind of weird, but funny enough not be annoyed at. Now I'm getting annoyed.

I can't wait until the summer when everyone leaves.
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A few of the sure signs of spring are the dingle-hoppers on the aspen trees, robins migrating back, and girl scout cookies.

I like girl scout cookies a great deal; particularly thin mints (though I know few people who DON'T like thin mints). I ordered a few boxes from one of the profs' daughter.

The thing is, I tried to be a girl scout. But they kicked me out. Apparently I had "personality conflicts" (read: attitude problems) not with the other girls, but with the troop leader. That's right, I was kicked out of girls scouts at the age of six for arguing with the troop leader.

This may have been a sign of things to come; since then the only organization I did well in was 4-H. I think the common theme is that I don't take direction well. 4-H is very personally directed; kids can do what ever program they want, provided there's adequate conditions (you can't raise a pig in the city. I had rabbits). Even today, I baulk at doing things other people's ways. You cant rush me; but when I get going I go all out. A dichotomy, I know. But there it is. I am, apparently, the anti-scout.

And I'm ok with that. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go eat more thin mints.


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