Mar. 8th, 2010

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It was nearly sixty degrees yesterday. Today we have rain/snow. That, I believe, is the definition of a meteorological Dick Move. Spring only comes in fits and starts in the Northwest, apparently.

This weekend was at once awesome and rather awful. To start off, I lost my debit card on Thursday afternoon (for me, Fridays start the weekend) but didn't notice this fact until Friday at lunch when we went to pay. Oops. The rest of Friday was then spent frantically searching for the debit card. I eventually concluded that it must have been eaten by an ATM machine, or that I just left it in the ATM machine.

So, Saturday morning I got up early and went to the bank to get it fixed. The new card may take two weeks to arrive. Bugger. Then I went to breakfast (awesome) and then to Alice in Wonderland (awesome awesome) and afterword hung out with friends and dyed hair and played settlers of catan (awesome cubed). But later that night I ran into a door quite hard with my head.

So most of Sunday was kind of head achy and furry. I eventually got enough energy to get to the store (food is required for life, after all) and then later to D&D. Which was awesome.

Hopefully this week will be considerably better. To that end:

Dear Universe,

I understand that I do, at times, curse you in a most unladylike manner. That you and I have a rocky relationship is a well established fact. However, I ask, as your long time adversary, that you show honorable mercy to me at this time.

I argue that, without an adversary, the running of the world is most boring, and that in order to continue our game, some fundamental allowances should be made.

A chance to get my feet underneath me is all I ask.



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