Mar. 5th, 2010

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The thing is; I wish that I have been born in a time when tea was served more regularly. The thing is; I like the thought of dirigibles better than I do airplanes. Thing is, I'd rather be the kind of archaeologist who gets to discover the really big things, rather than one of those who come after that discover the small things.

But, I'm not. I live in a time, in a world, where there are too many people, and too few ways to connect. There are too few conversations, and too much talking. Time isn't the biggest commodity any more; attention is. We divide it and split it, and somehow wonder which part is definite.

The thing is; to look for a place where the world spins around, rather than you doing the spinning. We think that we can move the earth with our wishing, but only a shovel will do.

A change of perspective; the mechanics of seeing, that is what needs to change. The world will not change through willing, we will change.
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There are few moments in my life that I will remember as well as last night. For last night, I became a bug.


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