Feb. 16th, 2010

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I bought a truck. The idea of it is still slightly surprising. Possibly because I was minimally involved in the purchase (it happened in another state, and then it was driven to me). But the thing is, the surprise, and the sort of weird, half real quality to it is not unusual for me these days. The last couple of months have been sort of hazy, though I'm not sure exactly why. Possibly a little bit of seasonal depression, I'm thinking is the cause, as well as a couple of incidences with the plague.

And I'm behind on writing my thesis (which still seems very far away as well) due to aforesaid plague (of the mind and body). The trouble is that I am worried that I have simply burnt out. I suppose that that is the true test of academic character, whether I can muscle my way through the thesis.

The Thesis (which in my mind does have capitalization) can be, depending on when I think of it, an immensely simple or impossibly complex beast.

Sometimes all I can think of is the summer, and the bare six weeks of fieldwork we have planned, and what I will do with the rest of the summer. I feel like I ought to take a break, take a vacation. Maybe go on an old fashioned road trip.


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