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May. 21st, 2013 08:16 pm
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I, and most likely every other woman on the planet, am on a quest: The Quest for the Perfect Bra. I have literally one dozen bras kicking about the house of varying ages and hopefulness.

In reality, I wear only one or two consistently at a time, basic bras that get the job done, holstering the breasts out of the way with minimal fuss or pain. Occasionally, I find a bra that is both functional and pretty and it is a day of great rejoicing!

This weekend I will be disposing of a box-and entire box!-of bras from you-know-who's-secret, and with them go every instance of hope, wishful thinking, and impulse buys of the last five years. In the same way that some women keep their skinny jeans, I hoard my skinny bras. Bras that I once fit into, when I was a few pounds lighter and not retaining as much water. Eventually, I have to accept that those dusty bras will never be of use to me and that they should be banished from my home.

The thing is, I really like my breasts. They're great! They're fairly large (40DDD), but not overly enormous, pretty symmetrical, and give me some pretty impressive cleavage fairly regularly. So the thing with the bras isn't wishing that they're SMALLER, its wishing that the smaller, prettier bras could still fit my breasts. Because my breasts are great, and they deserve great bras.
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